Some of Our Past Aussiedoodle Puppies

Enjoy some photos of past puppies from Signature Aussiedoodles. Bring a future Aussiedoodle home by filling out an application for your pick in a future litter!

Monroe x Casper/Dexter
July 6, 2022

Clove (Female)

Cinnamon (Female)

Rosemary (Female)

Basil (Male)

Dill (Male)

Saffron (Female)

Franny x Dexter
Soda Pop
June 25, 2022

Mt. Dew (Male)

Pepsi (Male)

Root Beer (Male)

7-Up (Female)

Coke (Male)

Crush (Female)

Dr. Pepper (Male)

Fresca (Female)

Sprite (Female)

Bindi and Preston
July 27, 2022

Cheerios (Male)

Frosted Flakes (Male)

Lucky Charms (Female)

Cocoa Puffs (Male)

Froot Loops (Male)

Kix (Female)

Trix (Female)

Cricket x Casper
Spice Girls
March 25, 2022

Ginger (Female)

Sporty (Female)

Posh (Female)

Baby (Female)

Scary (Female)

Aspen x Dexter Litter
Sweet Treats
February 6, 2022

Streudel (Male)

Cream Puff (Female)

Beignet (Female)