The family needs to feed Great Lakes Pet Food. We are advocates of health and nutrition for dogs, and for feeding foods that will not cause health issues down the road, like cancer, tumors, allergies, etc. The foods are easily found online or contact us. We would recommend all dog owners to consider these foods for the lifetime health of their pet.

We ask the family to avoid all chemicals unless necessary and to not give supplements or medicines unless approved by us.

If the dog becomes sick or injured, we need the family to notify us right away, so we are involved in all decisions regarding the treatment of the dog. In many cases, we can save the family a lot of money if it is a simple issue, and in other situations, the treatment may need to be specific if the dog is going to be bred soon, or is pregnant.

We ask the family to practice safe handling of the dog. Do not leave the dog outside if no one is home. Don’t let the dog sit in the back of an open pickup. Use a leash in public. Provide basic obedience training, so the dog has manners. We require our guardian families to use the Baxter & Bella Online Training Program for their new puppy. All these things should be done to make your dog a enjoyable member of your  family.

The guardian home is responsible either for the transportation of the dog to us or arranging for us to pick up the dog for breeding or having litters or for the initial health testing at between 1-2 years of age.